Sanek Neck Strip (12pk/box)

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Sanek Strip is a versatile and effective hairdressing accessory that provides exceptional performance during salon services. Made from high-quality materials, this strip is designed to offer maximum comfort and protection to clients during hair coloring, highlighting, or chemical treatments.

The Sanek Strip features a soft, lightweight, and non-woven fabric construction, ensuring a gentle touch against the skin. Its innovative design allows for easy customization, allowing stylists to adjust the size and fit according to each client's needs. The strip is conveniently disposable, promoting hygiene and cleanliness in the salon environment.

With its superior absorbency, the Sanek Strip efficiently absorbs excess dye, chemicals, or liquids, preventing them from reaching the client's skin and clothes. This minimizes the risk of staining or irritation, providing a worry-free experience for both the stylist and the client.

The strip's generous length and width offer excellent coverage, ensuring that no stray drips or spills disrupt the hairdressing process. Its non-slip nature keeps it securely in place, allowing stylists to focus on their work without constant adjustments.

Salon professionals value the Sanek Strip for its reliability and versatility. It can be easily used for various hair treatments, including hair coloring, perming, or deep conditioning. Additionally, it can be utilized during barbering services, such as beard or mustache coloring, ensuring precise and clean applications.

Overall, the Sanek Strip is an indispensable tool for stylists and salon owners, providing a convenient and hygienic solution for protecting clients during hair treatments. Its high-quality construction, customizable fit, and excellent absorbency make it a trusted choice in the hairdressing industry, delivering superior comfort and peace of mind for both clients and professionals alike.



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