GiGi Hair Removal Strips

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GiGi Facial Wax Strips are perfectly-sized for the upper lip, eyebrow, chin, and hairline. It represents an incredibly easy and efficient method for removing unsightly facial hair. It features a soft, flexible fabric to conform to the subtle curves of the face like the jawline, chin and the upper lip. These depilatory strips have a strong adherence to unwanted hair, removing hair as short as 2mm to leaving the skin looking and feeling silky smooth for weeks!

Infused with honey extract, making it gentle and effective - a great option for health-conscious clients! Known for its calming properties and antimicrobial agents, it’s completely natural and designed for overall use and effectively works on all types and lengths of hair while helping nourish and provide better hydration for healthier-looking skin!

  • Convenient & economical
  • Ergonomic epilating pre-waxed strips
  • For all skin types
  • 12 Face strips (24 applications)



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