Magic Gold Stand Steamer

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  • High temperature water tank and cold mist water tank, double water tank design, ultrasonic atomizing sheet will not be affected by high temperature, so that the service life of the atomizing sheet is longer.
  • The design of large-capacity water tank can work 4-6 hours when it is filled with water.
  • There are cold fog, low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature and other stepless adjustment to meet different temperature needs.
  • 99-minute timing design, one-digit, ten-digit setting, intelligent design is more user-friendly.
  • The treatment process is simple, gentle, comfortable, fast and effective, and improves hair health.The red light wavelength acts repeatedly to deepen, stimulating hair follicles, promoting blood circulation, increasing hard protein production, and having a good effect on treating hair thinning. Open the scales to help absorb the intervening substances.



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