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Soft & Beautiful Ultra Nourishing Sculpting Foam

Long Lasting Style for Your Hair It’s often not possible to shampoo your hair daily so to set the waves in place until the next shampoo, you can use Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Sculpting Foam. This foam is a weightless formulation that adds shine to hair while conditioning them brilliantly. It also helps to maintain the hair look that you love.

· Adds shine and conditions hair

· Provides definition to wavy and curly styles

· No sticky residue

· Weightless formulation

· Helps control and smooth frizz

· Revitalizes hair without weighing it down

· Recommended for manicures, pedicures and massages

This foam solution is formulated with a soft and beautiful botanical oil that converts dry, dull or damaged hair into lustrous shiny hair.

Just For You: Dry and dull hair

A Closer Look: Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Sculpting Foam contains natural and refreshing oil that provides a brilliant sheen to dull and dry hair. This oil can also be used for moisturizing dry skin.




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