About Us

Kyroche Beauty Supplies Inc. (KBSI) is a black owned beauty supply company that opened its doors on August 2, 2015 with the intent to serve our community. We provide  you with great customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere while shopping with us. We have a wide variety of hair tools  recommended by our customers, also a large assortment of hair products, wigs, weaves, extensions, braiding hair and accessories.  

Additionally, KBSI work with other companies run by women to provide an all round package when it comes to beauty for both men and women. The  services that we provide are braiding, weaving, crocheting, wig styling and fitting, hair washing and blow drying. This is done by Fairy Hands Inspiration. Facial threading (eyebrow, sideburns, chin, lip, arm) waxing (arms, and other,) and hair treatment are done by the Threading Zone.

Furthermore, KBSI works with new and upcoming entrepreneurs in the cosmetic industry by investing in their business. We have invested in companies such as Up North Naturals, Mello hair, Scarlett Red, Curl shoppe, just to name a few. These brands have grown with us for the past four years and are currently growing exponentially.

Lastly, we provide education about various products and make recommendations to our customers so that they can make an educated decision when choosing products that are right for their hair, body and well being.

As we continue to  build, we would love for you to be part of our legacy by  shopping with us online and in store. See you soon.



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